Have a box full of these new military issue chamber brushes. Price is for 1, but that includes shipping. Up to 3 per envelope. Larger quantities and shipping available.
Around 1,000 rounds through this gun. Zero failures at all. Selling becuase I am downsizing my collection. Includes 10 magazines total; 8 pmags, 1 hex mag, and 1 aluminum. Face to face transfer only. No shipping or trades. Upgrades included: Daniel Defense Omega rail Geissele SSA trigger Precision Armament AFAB hybrid muzzle device Magpul MS4 Sling Magpul Vertical foregrip Magpul K2 grip Magpul...
I have a nice AR for sale. I traded my beloved SKS for this because the SKS was too heavy for the lady friend and long story short, she's gone and I don't use this one! This is a tack driver, it's always sub MOA out to 200 yards but we never took it further. It's shot PMC FMJ ammo at in door ranges but we mainly used American Eagle green tips. All told it's probably got around 500 rounds though...
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